Microdosing 101: A Complete Guide To Deadhead Chemist 1P-LSD

Note: This guide has been created to assist you in the safe and legal use of this substance. LSD is illegal in most parts of the world and we do not promote the use of this substance in such areas. For users that decide to use this substance, we provide a complete guide about the substance to ensure that all its users are kept safe.

So what exactly is 1P-LSD

1P-LSD also known as 1-Propionyl-Lyserguc Acid Diethylamide is a psychedelic substance that helps its users experience a much needed trip. To use this substance, it is best to microdose to avoid the highly deleterious effects such as hallucinations. The recommended microdose amount that will initiate a trip without causing a negative effect is about 5-10 mL.

How To Use 1P-LSD

Shake the mixture well and store in a refrigerator for 24 hours to the time of its use. The temperature of the refrigerator should be regulated so that the mixture doesn’t freeze. Shake well before using it.

Benefits Of Deadhead Chemist 1P-LSD Microdose

  1. It helps to treat depression and other anxiety conditions
  2. It boosts blood flow into the cerebrum thereby improving brain functions
  3. It helps to counteract sexually related problems such as improving the sex drive
  4. It has been said to boost creativity and cognitive functions
  5. It increases empathy
  6. It boosts self-confidence and improves self-esteem
  7. It potentially improves healthy human relationship

How to Microdose With 1P-LSD

Micro-dosing is an act of taking minute doses of psychedelic drug. A micro-dose level cannot cause significant difference from reality.

Propionyl-lysergic acid diethylamide (1P-LSD) is perhaps to some degree less powerful when compare with LSD. However, the above can not be an indicator to prove 1P-LSD’s power in humans, and to many people opinion shows that 1P-LSD and LSD have the same intuitive power.

Practically, it may be important you add little or more of 1P-LSD than LSD to experience exact effects. Thus, one of the users sharing is personal experience with Jim Fadiman, advises the dosage of 15 micro-grams for the start which is then opposed to 10 micro-grams. It may then be modified back and forth as desired to attain your own ‘sub-intuitive’ level.

Every square tab of available LSD or 1P-LSD usually contain 100-125 micrograms. The tab is processed into smaller quantities usually in powdery, pelleted forms, or in liquid suspensions.


At one stage in our lives as individuals we must have experienced a flow state. A cyclist pedalling through heavy wind with little effort, a doctor perfectly aligning with a patient, or a sales person carrying out their duty out of body experience. These are few scenarios of people carrying out their duty while in flow. In a simple term, flow is a really great experience of being human.

There are no specific proves to propose that microdoses of psychedelics can prompt flow states, but it is well known that mild doses can alter the function of the brain, in ways similar to the one witnessed in flow states. Research records that mild doses of psychedelics makes brain wave to drift more towards alpha oscillations, which is also witnessed in the evolution to a flow state. Psychedelics mimic the neurotransmitter serotonin when they enter the brain. It is a generally known fact serotonin is located in higher positions in flow states. The same way, psychedelics raises the level of dopamine in the brain, also a neurotransmitter found in higher positions in flow state.

Feasibly is the ability of psychedelics to suppress the DMN which can give room for the brain to make exclusive connections between fields who don’t regularly communicate. It is important for permitting flow state to take place. Considering the fact we know that mild doses of psychedelics can prompt similar effect to a flow state in the brain, it is probable that a regular microdosing plan will initiate the change of our knowledge in the direction of flow.


The author of a psychedelic book, Dr. James Fadiman in his book ‘Psychedelic Exokplorer’s Guide’ prescribed taking a micro-dose of psychedelic drug two times a week, which seems okay. Which means you use a micro-dose today (day1), you abstain from using it the following day and the day after. That means is that you deliberately avoid the use of micro-dose two days consequently between the first day and the next day of use (you use it on day 1, you neglect the use of day 2 and day 3 you resume the use.

However, taking note of the effects of the drugs daily will help to notice the effects, potency the drug posses and the duration in which it will exert its effects. Also, there is a need for the continued use of the drug twice a week for several weeks and it is important to keep record of the ‘in-the-moment, short term, and long-term effects. Mood swings, energy levels, and also the social behaviour of the person must be recorded.

It is important to follow your day to day activities during the period of micro-dosing. Adding a micro-dose to your daily routine it is significant because it helps to enhance your daily life. It is of high importance that you don’t check the day to day activities you get yourself involved in.

Furthermore, the first time you try micro-dosing, it is necessary for you take a day off work and social engagements. That will allow noting and recording odd effects before micro-dosing in a public place. It is essential you are more observant in noticing the effects of the micro-dosing in those two consequent days in between the days you micro-dose. It is recorded that many people recognize the raise in creative thinking to solve problems, refuelled energy for day to day activities, and also hike the ability to be more optimistic about things, these and series of events happen during, after, and days after micro-dosing.

The process of using 1P-LSD in very or little quantity day-in-day-out is not allowed. Drugs which have hallucinogenic property (psychedelics) like 1P-LSD produce a vigor, even if it is used in smaller quantity, so you might see reducing returns after some days. Dr. Fadiman James thus advised that the use of psychedelic drugs should be spaced with at-least two days in- between micro-dosing days.

You must watch after your health that’s another cogent reason you should not micro-dose all day. Also, there is a high possibility of heart complications, due to over-ingestion of psychedelic for a lengthy period. However, it is best to hide under caution and avert day to day micro-dosing, since we don’t fully understand how micro-dosing exerts its effects on the heart and its cells (myocardium).

One of the disadvantages of micro-dosing 7 days a week is regularizing a very powerful drug,

which can later lead to chronic effects on the human body. The intake of 1P-LSD maybe compare to the way we use coffee to improve our daily work rate. It is observed when you drink a cup of coffee or you are used to two cups for your daily work, in no time it will increase to three and from three to four. Just like that if you don’t use micro-dosing as an advantage, if not the substance also will turn frequent go-to like coffee.


It is inevitably restrained, popularly most people uses micro-dose for two major reasons which are:

To lower recurrence and depth of unsatisfactory states caused by different forms of “mental illness”, including:

    • The use of the substance causes distress
    • It exposes us to social and general nervousness
    • It also causes ADD/ADHD
    • Mood swings sometimes are inevitable
    • It may lead to addiction
    • It may also cause PTSD To increase the recurrence and depth of satisfactory states
    • It enhance your creativity and talent
    • It enhance your agility and strength
    • It increase your level of productivity
    • It improves your relationship with others
    • It help to enhance your leadership skill
    • It help in the coordination of muscles

Unsatisfactory State:  
We must know that micro-dosing will help people who are finding it hard to cope with chronic anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, depression, mood disorders, etc to get balanced mentally.

RISKS: It is important to be privy of the local drug laws because it will be unsafe to use 1P-LSD without consulting the regulations. However, it is not federally regulated in some countries like the United States. It is illegal to possess, buy or sell 1P-LSD for human consumption under some country laws.

The United Kingdom laid restrictions on the use of 1P-LSD, under the Psychoactive Substances Act, although there were suggestions that it is possible the properties of the substance may not be psychoactive. But since the inception of the laws, no one has been apprehended for the possession, sales, or purchase of 1P-LSD. 

In continents like Europe, the drugs are illicit in some developing countries like Sweden and However, the drug is still been sold online in the Netherlands and Germany. And countries like Finland and Canada. It is important you know if the drug is allowed in your country because we never advise illegal use of drugs.

Due to the benefit of psychedelics, micro-dosing is not dangerous and is safe for consumption but due to the legal risk and general acceptability. It is proven that the use of LSD is one of the safest substances and even safer than alcohol.

Side Effects Reported Using 1P-LSD at Dosage Levels Ranging from 20μg/ml -100μg/ml When using 1P-LSD some of the possible side effects may include: disorganized thinking, increased emotional sensitivity, increased anxiety, increased energy, euphoria, restlessness, increased creativity, dry mouth, visual hallucinations, and impaired judgment.