Caviar is a supercharged full-spectrum extract created with a process that captures and reintroduces highly concentrated terpenes (terp sauce) into the concentrate until it forms little ball-shaped structures that bear a resemblance to, you guessed it: caviar. You won’t necessarily find this luxurious and extra potent cannabis concentrate at every dispensary, making it a much sought-after product.

We have a number of different caviar options from both sativa and indica-dominant strains. We also offer large quantity mix-and-match multi-packs that give you the option to choose from a wide range of different concentrates.

Caviar concentrates & extracts are a particularly potent creation extracted from fresh-frozen cannabis to retain the most desirable traits of the plant. With its deep burnished gold hue, impressive 4–10% terpene range, and incredible tropical berry and lemon flavors, you won’t soon forget this unique product.

Strain 1G

Afghani Haze, Apple Fritter, Violator, Astro Pink, Blue Venom, Green Crack, Holy Grail, King Tut, Lemon Cookies, Lemon Skunk