Crumble concentrate is among the driest and most potent forms of cannabis concentrate you can find. It usually has a powdery consistency that is quick to crumble in your fingers, which is where the name comes from. It’s made in a similar way to shatter, only using a more “low and slow” process in the vacuum oven, and that slow cooking is the reason why it has that dry and powdery consistency. It may not sound appealing, but the dryness is a big advantage in avoiding contamination, as mold is less likely to grow in this concentrate.

Often, crumble comes in various shades of yellow, deepening to amber as it ages. Its THC content can get up to nearly 90%, so it absolutely packs a punch. Make sure you’ve got a little experience under your belt before you dive into this amazing stuff.

Crumble is a dry cannabis concentrate that is powdery and crumbles easily. It is made through a chemical extraction process similar to shatter, using a solvent such as butane, propane, or CO2, though CO2 tends to yield a wetter concentrate, more like a sap.Crumble can have a THC potency close to 90%, and can range in color from pale to deep yellow.

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