Introducing a selection of unique and flavorful tobacco choices tailored to diverse tastes, each meticulously designed to provide a deeply satisfying smoking session.

Canadian Classics Original: A timeless favorite celebrated for its robust and full-bodied flavor, capturing the true essence of Canadian tobacco heritage for an authentic smoking indulgence.

Canadian Full Flavour: Bold and unwavering, this variety enhances the strength of Canadian tobacco, delivering a rich, intense taste that captivates with its pronounced flavor.

Canadian Lights: Ideal for those seeking a lighter touch without sacrificing quality, Canadian Lights offer a smoother, gentler smoking experience, perfect for nuanced flavor enjoyment.

Discount Full Flavored: A pocket-friendly option without compromising taste, Discount Full Flavored ensures a fulfilling and flavorful smoke, maintaining affordability without sacrificing excellence.

Discount Lights: Balancing value with a lighter smoke, Discount Lights present a milder taste, appealing to those after a lighter tobacco experience at an affordable price.

Nexus Full Flavour: A fusion of fine tobaccos curated to provide a robust and full-bodied flavor, Nexus Full Flavour guarantees a rich and rewarding smoking experience for connoisseurs seeking depth in taste.

Nexus Light: Embracing a lighter essence, Nexus Light maintains quality tobacco while offering a smoother and more accessible smoking choice.

Playfare’s Light: A harmonious and nuanced option, Playfare’s Light provides a refined tobacco experience, perfect for those wanting a lighter touch without compromising on quality.

Playfare’s Full Flavour: Rich and distinctive, Playfare’s Full Flavour represents quality, delivering a bold and authentic tobacco taste that satisfies refined palates.

Putter’s Light: Focused on subtlety, Putter’s Light promises a lighter smoke for a smooth and satisfying experience, catering to those seeking a milder tobacco option.

Canadian Classic Silver: A smooth, mild Canadian cigarette with a refined taste.

Canadian Menthol King Size: A bold and refreshing Canadian cigarette with a menthol twist.

Rolled Gold Lights King Size: Light and subtly flavored rolled cigarettes with a mellow taste.

Rolled Gold Full Flavor King Size: Robust and rich full-flavored rolled cigarettes offering a stronger taste.

BB Lights: Mild and balanced cigarettes from BB brand, providing a light smoking experience.

BB Full Flavor: Strong and full-bodied cigarettes from BB brand for a richer smoking sensation.

Prime Time Plus Grape: Flavorful grape-flavored cigarillos with a hint of sweetness from Prime Time Plus.

Prime Time Plus Peach: Delicately flavored peach-infused cigarillos offering a fruity and aromatic smoke from Prime Time Plus.

Prime Time Plus Vanilla: Vanilla-infused cigarillos delivering a smooth and aromatic smoking experience with a delightful hint of vanilla.

Prime Time Plus Cherry: Cherry-flavored cigarillos offering a fruity and sweet smoking sensation with a tangy cherry essence.

Each of these tobacco variations is tailored to diverse preferences, guaranteeing a fulfilling smoking experience that maintains excellence, flavor, and uniqueness with every puff.


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