Deadhead Chemist presents the epitome of winterized cannabis extracts sourced meticulously from the finest craft cannabis strains found in British Columbia. Our team, comprising versatile professionals, scours the globe for exclusive genetics to craft a superior concentrate that promises an unparalleled elevation.

Our foremost commitment lies in ensuring consistency and safety, guaranteeing you a pristine experience both in sensation and flavor. Irrespective of your expertise level, we endeavor to elevate your standard with a product tailored for all.

Brand integrity stands as our cornerstone, underlined by extensive feedback garnered from cannabis connoisseurs and medical patients. This firsthand insight propels us to pioneer the industry, offering curated strains and products to cater to desired effects and flavors.

Each order encapsulates 1g of our premium shatter, a testament to our unwavering dedication to quality and satisfaction.

Strain 1G

Lemon Haze, Cereal Milk, Wedding Cake, Blue Dream, Cotton Candy Kush, Fruit Punch, Ice Cream Cake