The World’s 1st LSD Tea

Deadhead Chemist LSD Tea – Mint – 100ug

Benefits of Deadhead Chemist LSD Tea include: improvements with depression, cerebral blood flow (CBF), smoking cessation, libido, anxiety disorders as well as increase flow state, creativity, improved relationships/increased empathy, social interactions and boost confidence & self esteem. Deadhead Chemist makes no medical or efficacy claims and does not sell these products for human or veterinarian use.

LSD and other psychedelics imitate the serotonin neurotransmitter when they enter the brain, and we know that serotonin is found in higher levels in flow states. Similarly, LSD increases the levels of dopamine in the brain, which is another neurotransmitter found in higher levels in flow states. [6]

LSD Tea Therapeutic Use

If you have LSD Tea while attending therapy, you may find that issues and topics that previously felt difficult to reach are suddenly accessible. You may also notice creative insight into yourself, your past, and your relationships that you didn’t before.